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Lugging Plein Air Supplies

Keter box 1Keter Masterloader Plastic Portable Tool Box

I’ve tried all sorts of rolling containers to transport my pastel supplies for plein air painting: backpacks;  rolling luggage; rolling file carts; fold up dollies; and the art comber combo chair and rolling bag. What I’ve learned is that the secret to a successful art supply transporter is BIG WHEELS. The Art Comber had big wheels, but only one floppy bag (like a vertical duffle bag)  to store your items in – hard to access and it eventually blew out the seams at the bottom. The attached chair was uncomfortable, so it wasn’t worth repairing. The other transporter with big wheels was the folding dolly (aka utility cart). I liked this and it held up well – I still use it for transporting heavy items. The large wheels were a dream in gravel and going up and down stairs. My only complaint was that I still needed to strap on a container for all my equipment – like a heavy milk crate. The dolly had to be folded up to go in the car and it was heavy.

Keter box 2

For the past year I have been happily using the Keter rolling toolbox. The large, plastic wheels are quite durable. I lugged this thing up and down a hilly two-mile gravel road  (I was lost) and it performed like a champ. When I got tired of pulling it, I could sit down on it and rest for a while. If you try to roll something with smaller wheels on a dirt or gravel surface, all the loose material piles up in front of the wheels and you end up dragging the transporter with no assistance from the wheels.

The other thing I like about it is the quick and easy access to the top trays, where I put all the little stuff that normally gets lost at the bottom of a bag, and when you pull the top trays apart, you expose the entire bottom level for easy viewing and access. No more digging around for stuff. I bungee my umbrella and tripod to the base of the extendable handle. When the day is done, I lift the cart wheels first and roll it into the back of my car. My only complaint is that there’s no place to attach an umbrella.

This is available on Amazon Prime for $52.27. In the Amazon reviews, someone said it was also available at Sam’s Club. There are several more expensive listings for this on Amazon, be sure to keep looking until you find the $52 one.

  • Extendable handle for ease when rolling
  • Central Auto Locking Mechanism
  • Integrated Organizer with 2 Removable Bins on Lid
  • Ball Bearing Slides Allow Full Spread Accessibility
  • Large Hand Tools Compartment with Removable Divider
  • 18” tall by 24” long, this weighs 10 lbs empty.
  • Top bins are 8” by 12” and 7.5” by 12” and 3 inches deep.
  • The interior space varies in width (to make room for wheels) from 12” to 9.5” by 21” long.

Keep on rolling.  — Patty

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