Traveling Outdoors with Pastels — Tips and Tricks

Unfortunately, there is no perfect set-up. Even if there were one, it would not make you a better painter. The good news is finding the right set-up for you is an ongoing project full of small and large improvements. As you improve your set-up it will take you less time and less hassle to paint outdoors or to take your pastels with you on a trip. The more you streamline your set-up the more likely you are to paint outdoors — and that is what will make you a better painter. Paint outdoors as often as you can!

Here is a presentation I made to the Pastel Society of Southern California in Nov. 2019. I only had 30 minutes, so this is not comprehensive, but I hope you will find a useful idea or two in this presentation.  To see the slides in this PowerPoint presentation, click on the link below.

– Patricia Kellner © 2019

Click link below:

Pastel Tips and Tools Presentation


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I'm a retired geography professor turned umbrella maven, inventor, and plein air painter. Check out my products on this website: The Best Brella plein air umbrella The Palette Garage for saving oil paint for weeks & Great Art Gloves -- comfortable protection from paints, chemicals and pastel dust. Happy Painting, -- Patty Kellner

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