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PALETTE GARAGE:  Keeps Oil Paints Fresh

  • A few drops of clove oil on the end cap wicks slows oxidation of oil paints for weeks at room temperature when paint tray is kept in the air-tight tube
  • The eugenol in the clove oil retards formation of “skin” on creamy oil paints
  • Clove oil remains in wicks in each end cap, so clove oil never touches the paint
  • Strong clove aroma is contained in the tube but your paints will not smell like clove
  • 15 ml bottle of clove oil included with purchase will last for many months
  • Keep your daubs of paint on paint tray while painting (instead of on the palette surface)
  • Supplement with new paint as needed
  • Fits along edge of palette box or can be attached elsewhere to your setup
  • When finished, store the paint strip with your left-over paint in the “garage”
  • No more stingy dabs of paint — be generous as there is no worry of wasting paint
  • Easy set-up and clean up of painting projects
  • US Patent US930039
Palette Garage with Alla Prima Pochade Box

Palette Garage with Alla Prima Pochade Box

12″ Palette Garage fits inside the Alla Prima Pochade

Palette Garages Used with Various Pochade Boxes, Easels, and Painting Set-Ups

Each Kit Includes

  • Lexan paint tray to hold the paint
  • A plastic tube to house the paint tray
  • Clove oil wicks embedded in end caps
  • The 15 ml bottle of clove leaf oil used to saturate the wicks
  • Two 1″ spring clips are included that can be used to attach the paint tray to a palette box
  • Two sets of Velcro tabs are  included to help secure the paint tray if can’t position the clips to do the job
One Palette Garage for warm colors, another for cool colors on an Easy L Versa

Palette Garage with the Easy-L Versa

One 16″ for cool colors, and a 12″ on the side for warms.

Palette Garage Used with Soltek Easel

Palette Garage with a Soltek

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