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Great Art Gloves Protect Your hands

Breathable — no more sweaty hands. Hands remain cool, even in the hot sun. Polyurethane coated fingertips protect skin from solvents & chemicals. Super-comfortable, form-fitting stretchable nylon knit gloves can be washed in the washing machine. Excellent tactile sensitivity. Some UV protection for outdoor, plein air painting.


Malibu Lagoon Pastel Patricia Kellner

Malibu Lagoon Pastel © Patricia Kellner

Dear Customers, I have no more gloves for sale. You can now find them on Amazon, priced reasonably. Just search for “ESD fingertip coated” and you’ll see a selection of sizes and offers. When I started selling these, the were unavailable except from electronic supply stores in large quantities. I had to order 6500 pairs at a time! I love these gloves and you will too. I encourage you to buy a pair from Amazon.

I have downsized my store and am no longer selling the Best Brella Kits or the gloves. I will continue to sell poles and replacement umbrellas (umbrella only, no clamp or rotating arm). I will also continue to sell the Palette Garage indefinitely. 

I paint in both oil and soft pastel. Using these gloves, the pastel dust doesn’t dry out my hands. I cut off the tip of the pinky finger and use that for any blending. When the gloves get too dusty, I just wash them. It’s such a good feeling to take the gloves off and have clean hands!




Portuguese Bend Club Oil Patricia Kellner

Portuguese Bend Club Oil © Patricia Kellner

As an oil painter, I’ve found that I can paint an entire plein air painting (2 hours or so of painting) using one or two paper towels to wipe off my brushes. In the past, I used many. The reason I can use so few, is that I can hold a Gamsol and paint-soaked paper towel in my left hand, without the solventm, medium, or paint touching my fingers. The polyurethane coated finger tips protect my fingers. In the past, the paper towel or rag would get too dirty to hold in a clean hand and need to be replaced with a clean paper towel — frequently. Those wonderful Viva towels are expensive and we all want to conserve paper and trees. These gloves do that.  Clean up has become so much easier — the gloves get dirty, but my hands don’t. Although you can wash these gloves in the washing machine, I must note that the oil paint does not come off — the gloves are fully functional even when covered with paint.

Customer Comment

“My search for the perfect gloves for use when I am painting is over!  These gloves have allowed me to free up any inconvenience of keeping my hands clean from color and solvents while offering me complete comfort.  When I wear these gloves I do not feel like I am wearing anything and my creative energy just flows.  Thanks again Patricia for another Great Artist Tool.  …

Giuliana Aubert – Fine Artist

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