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Best Brella’s Rotating Arm 

Best Brella Rotating ArmThe arm will rotate 360˚, allowing you to place your umbrella at any angle. The stud on the rotating arm fits into the big-jaw clamp. Once the big-jaw clamp is attached to a surface, all positioning of the umbrella is controlled by the knob (with the temporary red dot) on the rotating arm. Note that you cannot “strip” or “over tighten” this knob.  It is more convenient to leave the rotating arm permanently attached to the clamp .

Best Brella Clamped onto a Soltek Easel leg.

Clamped onto a Soltek Easel leg.



All umbrella positions (angles) are achieved by loosening the knob with the red dot, re-positioning the umbrella, and then tightening the red-dot knob.

You can use the rotating arm to re-position the umbrella as the sun moves — making an adjustment about every 45 minutes. Because you can track the sun and hold low angles you can target the shade coverage so it protects you, your palette, and your painting. This means you don’t need a large umbrella to provide shade for all sun postions. Instead, you easily adjust the umbrella as the sun position changes.



Best Brella can hold at any angle.

Best Brella can hold at any angle.

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