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Dear Fellow Artists,                                (Page down to see products)

I have sold my last Best Brella Kit. After making and selling over 8000 Best Brellas, the time has come for me to focus my time and energy elsewhere. I do thank you for your interest in this product. I am very proud of the Best Brella, and demand for this product is still strong, but my ability to meet that demand is diminished. It is possible that a new owner will offer the Best Brella for sale in the future. If this happens, you will see an ad announcing its return in Plein Air Magazine.

STILL AVAILABLE: Best Brella Parts Moving forward, I will continue to sell single replacement umbrellas, replacement poles, and the super clamp. The rotating arm is the most expensive and critical component, and the part that requires the most custom work — disassembly and re-assembly, drilling, and tapping. This rotating arm is no longer available for sale. I have no rotating arm inventory, and I will not be making any in the future. (Scroll down to see parts for sale)

The Palette Garage I hold the patent on this popular paint-saving device, and I plan to continue to sell this product indefinitely.

Thank you again for supporting this artist-owned business. I’ve so enjoyed getting to know many of you. Perhaps we’ll meet again en plein air!

Happy painting,

Patricia Kellner

SHIPPING NOTICE: Orders placed after  May 25 12:00 PM PCT will not be shipped until Monday, June 3. I’m on vacation!


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