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Dear Fellow Artists,

Our Products

All three of these products were developed by Patricia Kellner. Other valuable art tools, including some DIY projects, will be featured and reviewed in the blog, but will not appear in the store.

Best Brella Plein Air Umbrella Kit


The Best Plein Air Umbrella

See website Menus for more information.

Clamps securely to any horizontal or vertical surface up to 2.5″ thick.

  • Clamps to any surface round, angular, or flat (works on tripod legs)
  • Mounts on all easels and tripods, including SOLTEK
  • Rotates a full 360 degrees to position at any angle
  • Holds low-angle positions, even in the wind
  • Height adjustable from 47” to 76” above clamp surface
  • Silver exterior provides UV protection and keeps you cool
  • Black interior eliminates reflections on your painting or palette
  • Also available in white lined with white.
  • Wind vented for better performance
  • Weighs only two and one half pounds
  • Screw-on handle lets you use it as a regular umbrella for rain or sun protection
  • Break resistant fiberglass ribs are more flexible in windy conditions
  • Umbrella arc is 45″ and 38″ across
  • Weighs only 2.5 pounds
  • Packs into it’s own carrying case with strap
  • Packed to go it measures 24″ long t
  • Highest quality components
Palette Garage for Keeping Oil Paint Fresh


Keeps Oil Paints Fresh

See website Menus for more information.

  • A few drops of clove oil on the end cap wicks slows oxidation of oil paints for weeks at room temperature when paint tray is kept in the air-tight tube
  • The eugenol in the clove oil retards formation of “skin” on creamy oil paints
  • Clove oil remains in wicks in each end cap, so clove oil never touches the paint
  • Strong clove aroma is contained in the tube but your paints will not smell like clove
  • 15 ml bottle of clove oil included with purchase will last for years
  • Keep your daubs of paint on paint tray while painting (instead of on the palette surface)
  • Supplement with new paint as needed
  • Fits along edge of palette box or can be attached elsewhere to your setup
  • When finished, store the paint strip with your left-over paint in the “garage”
  • No more stingy dabs of paint — be generous as there is no worry of wasting paint
  • Easy set-up and clean up of painting projects
  • US Patent US930039


Protect Your Hands Comfortably

  • Breathable — no more sweaty hands
  • Polyurethane coated fingertips protect skin from solvents & chemicals
  • Cool, even in the hot sun
  • Reusable — wash in washing machine
  • Very comfortable
  • Form fitting stretchable knit nylon — Easy to put on and off
  • Excellent tactile sensitivity
  • Fingertip gripping ability
  • Some UV protection for outdoor plein air painting

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