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The Best Brella Really is the Best Plein Air Umbrella

Finally, an easel umbrella that really works! If you have been looking for a plein air umbrella that attaches firmly to your easel, that will hold any angle, even in the wind, that is height adjustable and suitable for the even the tallest painter.  Best Brella has superior functionality and higher quality components than any other plein air umbrella on the market.

Now available in Semi-translucent White as well as Silver Lined with Black. Same design, including wind vents — just a  different color.    add hyperlinks

The Best Brella Kit Includes these Features     

Best Brella Kit

  1. Umbrella has a silver exterior, black interior, and wind vents. It has a 45″ arc and is 38″ across. Also available in a semi-translucent whit.
  2. Screw-on handle allows umbrella to be used as normal, hand-held umbrella when desired
  3. Two 20” screw-on extension poles that allow for an umbrella height up to 5 feet 6 inches above the clamp
  4. Big-jaw clamp opens to 2.5”and clamps to flat, round, or angled surfaces
  5. Removable wedge for clamping onto flat surfaces
  6. Rotating arm with stud (used to attach arm to clamp)
  7. Carrying case with strap
  8. Two reinforcing sleeves
  9. Total kit weighs only 2.5 pound
  • Clamps securely to any horizontal or vertical surface up to 2.5″ thick.
  • Clamps to any surface round, angular, or flat (works on tripod legs)
  • Mounts on all easels and tripods, including SOLTEK
  • Rotates a full 360 degrees to position at any angle
  • Holds low-angle positions, even in the wind
  • Height adjustable from 47” to 76” above clamp surface
  • Two colors to choose from: the silver exterior with black interior, or the semi-translucent white umbrella
  • Silver exterior with black interior provides UV protection and keeps you a bit cooler than the white umbrella
  • The white umbrella helps you see your paint colors better   Click here for a discussion of this
  • Black interior eliminates reflections on your painting or palette
  • Wind vented for better performance
  • Weighs only two and one half pounds
  • Screw-on handle lets you use it as a regular umbrella for rain or sun protection
  • Break resistant fiberglass ribs are more flexible in windy conditions
  • Umbrella arc is 45″ and 38″ across
  • Weighs only 2.5 pounds
  • Packs into it’s own carrying case with strap
  • Packed to go it measures 24″ long
  • Highest quality components

You’ve tried the rest, now try the best!


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